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Dear Sir/Madam,

With much pleasure i want to announce through this mailing the foundation of my company Stockmann Automatisering as of januari 1st 2004. After the IT branche has sailed through diffecult times, i decided to pick up the gloves myself. Stockmann Automatisering is a single person company with the objective to realise the automation of smaller and middle large businesses through simple but effective means. The services supplied are typically maintenance of existing networks and servers and implementation and migration of new ones, with the focus on Linux and OSS (Open Source Software).

The importance of ICT, and in particular computer software, on businesses over the last years has risen to such an extend, that one can compare its impact to the same level of importance as the Coca-Cola recipy (a company secret) today has for the Coca Cola Corporation to achieve its company results. Why in earth should a company then choose to use Open Source Software, one may ask? If one realizes that a software program actually is some kind of recipy to conduct your business operation, its rather convenient to have its source code available and present inside your company. Not so much to the extend that Open Source enables the customer to apply bugfixes and improvements himself, but far more important, if your current software maintenance supplier actually is screwing things up, you as a single company are within the power to select a competing software service company, without having to worry about vendor-lockin and legal strings attached.

Stockmann Automatisering is trying to pursue to keep all used software components strictly open source. At least Open Source within your company. This means that in practice one is not forced to perform upgrades to newer versions of business critical software only because your supplier tells you so, actually only satisfying its own marketing decisions. Typically open source software upgrades are only performed when the customer wants to. For instance because the newer version has that extra worth while feature. In case bugs and security issues may occur, one has the possibility, exactly because its open source, to apply the patch or fix on the source code and build new binaries with the adjusted source code.

This means that customers are enabled to run their business critical software on the same version upon years to come.

An important condition which we need to make however, is that of all software packages in use, at all times, the complete source code should be available. Either on the server and on cdrom, dvd or tape. Typically a customer over time will buildup her own repository of used open source sofware, of which scheduled a sealed copy/backup should be made. The more one applies self created patches and improvements , which is called customisation programming, this backup and archiving will come essential. Not to mention and forget the accompanying documentation.

If your interested, send a response/email or give a call, and i will be honoured to further explain what is possible.

With kind regards,

R.M. Stockmann - RHCE

OS support: RedHat, SuSE, Debian, Mandrake, SCO, Solaris HW support: Intel, AMD, Sun, IBM Network: Cisco, 3COM, Nortel