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Stockmann Automatisering is a automation and IT company which specializes in implementation and maintenance of Open Source Software (OSS) and Linux/UNIX based solutions. This varies from simple office automation to dedicated server solutions.

  • Backup, recovery and reinstallation of your PC/Laptop and of course server(s).
  • Office Automation using Samba, Web Email, Openoffice.
  • ADSL based intra/inter company network solutions.
  • DNS (Domain Name Service) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions and its configuration.
  • Migration of old networks to new.
  • Data Recovery and backup solutions
  • Secure email, anti-spam, anti-virus solutions which do not require a personal/private mainframe solution.
  • Migration of SCO OpenServer application software to Linux Server based platforms: Xeon , Opteron, AMD64.
  • Installation/Configuration of SCO OpenServer 5.0.x including your application software as a VMWare Guest Operating Systeem on both Windows 2000/2003 Server as Linux Platforms: Preferred choice is Mandrakelinux 10.1 (Official) x86_64 on dual-Opteron or AMD64 hardware in combination with VMWare 4.5.x.
  • (adjustments in) software in C, C++, PHP ..
  • Design and packaging of software into custom (S)RPMS format. Custom configuration, adjustments and changes on vanilla Linux server/desktops in (S)RPM format.

Selling commodity software like standard shrink-wrapped boxes like Microsoft does, is indeed not suited in a GPL model. However high quality closed source software will never be download-able for free. Its all a matter of what quality is offered for the dollar. And also the EULA is of importance. If a large software corporation, no matter how powerful and huge, thinks it can wave away all legal liabilities inside a EULA, GPL-ed software as a starting point for a tailor made solution becomes attractive.

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OS support: RedHat, SuSE, Debian, Mandrake, SCO, Solaris HW support: Intel, AMD, Sun, IBM Network: Cisco, 3COM, Nortel